A FSM app that empowers your field workers

Mobile service provides real-time job status updates and helps your field workers give first-class customer service.

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Scheduling & Dispatching
Seamless communication from office to the field
  • Easily schedule incoming work orders
  • Dispatch to technicians closest to job
  • Seamless communication from office to field
  • Email & text notifications
Ticket management
Give your customers timely service 
  • Easily view open, assigned & completed tickets
  • Get real-time job status updates
  • Ability to address tickets in priority order
Mobile & Flexible
Work and communicate easily from anywhere you are
  • Android & iOS compatible
  • Offline mode available
  • Third-party integrations
GPS Tracker
Get the most out of one work day
  • Pinpoint the location of your field technicians
  • Route Optimization: build the quickest route for your technicians
  • Reduce fuel cost
  • Improve punctuality
  • Grow overall productivity
Customer Relationship Management
Make the process easier for your customers
  • Capture complete work descriptions
  • Captures signature and pictures 
  • Send automatic invoices directly to your customers
  • Record recommendations for aftermarket sales
Making the switch to paperless timekeeping using Mobile Service was one of the best things our company has done. It cut down our payroll preparation time by about 50%.
We have been a customer of Mobile Service for over 6 years. They have grown and evolved with us over time and the customer service we receive is outstanding.