“One of my favorite professors used to say, “There are three aspects to any partner you may choose to do business with: speed of delivery, quality of products and services, and price. A good partner will always be able to fulfill two of these aspects; it’s up to you to decide which two are most important.” With ESS, we truly believe we have found a partner that exceeds our expectations in ALL THREE of these aspects.”
William P. Block, Jr,
“Expert Service Solutions has positioned themselves to provide superior customer service, making them a rare find in the industry. Our company has never experienced delays in resolution or response in all categories where we’ve partnered with ESS. They continue to add value to a superior product by backing it up consistently with front line, world-class customer service.”
Chris Short,
“The application is extremely stable and dependable. Beyond that, we have found the service provided by the Mobile Service team to be outstanding. In particular, Anita Seymour (CEO) has continually displayed the dedication and attention to customer needs and concerns that exemplify superior quality care. We couldn’t be more pleased with the product, the staff and the outcome of our decision to deploy Mobile Service.”
Robert Pitney,
“Making the switch to Mobile Service was one of the best things our company has done. It cut down our payroll preparation time by about 50%. For our field technicians, the access to customer notes means they no longer have to call in to find out who the building contact is, what their hours are etc. It’s a wonderful time saver. It has been a been a great experience, I highly recommend trying it.”
Linda Witzke,
“Expert Service Solutions has been transformative in the way it has helped us run our business. Due to their dedication and customer service, they have a customer for life in Kencor.”
John Dodds,